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102 DFW - United Jedi Force, 380 misjudgment, coffee pan pan, BA door review, mad MAD, BLLegoland

Episode Summary

Flight 102. Paul reviews the BA Club Suite (no door was hurt in the making of this podcast). Alex and the secrets of meeting rockstars in flight (mark them down!). The A380 misunderstanding: it should live on (and don't listen to the French, they just strike anyway). United will decide your fate: dark side or light side of the Force (United also ghost Force'd Munoz). Food pan pan, coffee pan pan, but chocolate delight (edible cup though?). BLLegoland. Paul kneels down in front of Madrid e-gates (they don't work) whilst Alex believes it being a social experiment: it's truly mad MAD (and a new fortress by IAG). Boeing will soon sell a negative number of planes. Hong Kong airlines lives to see another day, Avatar airlines might never be born (low-cost 744s, really?). Tim Clark has had enough of beta-testing aircrafts. DFW innovates, a lot, but it's still not sexy (Alex's posh voice however...)