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100 LON - Thank you everyone for being such great listeners, happy 100 to you all!

Episode Summary

Flight 100. To all of you, thank you so much for tuning in repeatedly, we couldn't have done any of this without your help, your feedback, your reviews, your comments, your corrections, your criticisms (and yes, Delta fans, we're again on your case in this episode haha), your photos and incredible stories you share back with us. Thank you whether you started listening last week or in 2015, whether you always listen, or just once in a while. Thank you as well for bearing with us between episode releases at times, we know we often test the limits of your patience ;-) Thank you also to all of you who came to say hi in airports, lounges, and planes, we always appreciate it (Alex will have his resting bitch face, Paul will have his stupid noise cancelling earbuds, but do come forward, we'll both smile and chat). Thank you for your enthusiasm and your friendship. We appreciate you. Much love to all from Alex and Paul. Happy flying <3