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076 SEA - Alaska verdict, Southwest is nuts, JetBlue Mint dog, Trent woes, Delta colors, CA fires

Episode Summary

Flight 076. Alex flies Alaska (you've been waiting for that one!) and JetBlue, which one did he prefer? Norwegian flies the A380 thanks to Hi-Fly (but it's always late). Rolls-Royce registers huge losses, while airlines look to scrapyards to replace their 787s. Paul flies Delta, the violet uniforms don't match the blue seats. Alex sends Paul a gift from the Boeing factory (it's more than a sticker). California experiences massive fires, and DC-10s and the 747 supertanker are on-site. Southwest does away with peanuts (that's NUTS!). Boeing mulls the 797, whilst Airbus gleefully boasts its A321XLR. From United lying to passengers to American mistreating a cellist, some US airlines horror stories …but JetBlue saves the day (and an adorable dog). Air Canada takes the wrong turn. A dog opens a cargo door mid-flight …what?!