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064 LED - United 767, snowpocalypse, pizza lounge, A380 Xmas tree, 747 amenity kit, smart bag ban

Episode Summary

Flight 064. The verdict on United 767 Polaris. The 747 amenity kit. The snow wreaks havoc on BA and London Heathrow. Airbus draws a Christmas tree (freshener) over Germany. The smart carry-ons get finally dumbed down by U.S. airlines. Where's the pizza lounge in Europe?!

Episode Notes

00:00 - Introduction

01:18 - Reviews, questions, window blinds, Star Wars planes

12:48 - Snowpocalypse, airline early warnings, Milan Linate

35:27 - The United verdict, Channel 9, Polaris, EWR

56:42 - United 747 amenity kit

New 747 Amenity Kits on United Airlines - Live and Let's Fly

1:00:26 - Business of lounges, smart luggage ban, fees disclosure

1:08:19 - St Petersburg airport, layovers through Russia

1: 16:38 - A380 Christmas tree (air freshener)