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059 MNL - Asian super-airports, gate security, window blind policy, Qantas’ confidence, BA puke seat

Episode Summary

Flight 059. Security at the gate is throwing off our rhythm. The awkward SWISS lie-flat seat. The arms race of the (Asian) super-airports. Alex’s “generally fine” bodily fluid soaked BA experience. The 787 dimmable window conundrum. The Emirates two-class 380. Paul uncovers a strange Singapore Airlines amenity kit policy. And more.

Episode Notes

00:00 - Introduction

01:14 - Alex's generally fine BA experience, disgusting seat

02:51 - 787 dimmable windows, night flight policies, food timing

15:41 - The Asian super-airports, China's rise

23:41 - Qantas ULR routes, DXB abandonment, PR seat

32:14 - Paul goes to MNL with Emirates and Cathay

33:58 - Rerouting: EK versus BA

36:14 - The Emirates experience, seat history, old CX 777

41:23 - Tighter security, the two-class EK 380, LGW

44:27 - E-gates: the bad LHR, the good LGW, the outstanding FCO

47:41 - Emirates champagne controversy

49:28 - SQ versus CX, the strange Singapore amenity kit policy

57:03 - ZRH E beauty, security at the gate, HKG transfer

1:02:05 - SWISS 700-300ER awkward seat, miles screw up

1:07:24 - MNL airport, T3's checkered history

1:19:16 - Conclusion, Attache LA