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045 FCO - Airbus flying taxis, augmented reality Emirates, Cebu Pacific million miles baby

Episode Summary

Flight 045. Want a million frequent flyer miles? You have to be born on a Cebu Pacific flight or win the Olympic Gold for Singapore. British Airways charters a 747 to fly the athletes home, but no word if they also cut the second hot meal like on all their other routes. In the US, being a multi-medal winner won’t get you upgraded on United, but, unlike Delta, they won’t mistake New Mexico for Mexico. Airbus is going widebody for regional flights, but also planning flying taxis. Will those accept smart carry-ons and augmented reality amenity kits?

Episode Notes

Paul is on Aviation Xtended

The US National Aviation Day

Cranky Flyer celebrates in style

How to be dumb in an airport

The Emirates crash landing

The AR amenity kit

Quantas soars

Cebu Pacific's loyalty

The state of US air travel

The JFK panic

Singapore Airlines celebrates Gold

The BA Olympics plane, and the food uproar

Ranking food

Virgin Atlantic adds live TV

Boeing widebodies don't sell

Airbus widebodies go regional, and more

More smart carry-ons for Alex