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043 SJC - Brexit, Air Serbia and Etihad, heir to the throne at Emirates, US EU open skies, Iran 747

Episode Summary

Flight 043. The major US airlines seem to be losing the lobbying battle against the middle-eastern carriers. The EU calls for even more open skies between the two sides of the Atlantic. SWISS gets its brand new Bombardier CSeries. Boeing might well include the 747 in a deal with Iran. India leads the way in self-sufficient solar powered airport. The uncertain future of air travel in the UK after Brexit. Air Serbia launches a new US route, displaying the network power of Etihad. Emirates hires Christoph Mueller, will he become their new CEO?

Episode Notes

Alex flies the 787 to SJC

Iceland and the UEFA Euro

Sully gets a trailer

The FAA rules on drones

Brexit and the impact on UK air travel

Paul flies Easyjet from LGW

Solar Impulse

The solar-powered airport

Boeing solar-powered plane

NASA wants to learn from American Airlines

Boeing Centennial

More hopes for the 747

The EU-US Open Skies must go deeper

Air Serbia launches new NY routs

The US4 is losing its war against the ME3

Mueller goes to Emirates

Emireates has a new 777 business seat

Cobalt flies!

SWISS gets its new Bombardier

Paul meets Air New Zealand

The EgyptAir crash

The IST terror attack

The husbands who ditch their spouse for business class

The status game