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041 SOF - Paul flies round the world in First, Qantas women uniforms, Ryanair new route model

Episode Summary

Flight 041. A new low cost alliance shakes things up in South East Asia. Paul does his first round the world trip, in First. JetLovers goes 3D. Airbus goes A3. Alex and Bourdain share some airplane food similarities. Qantas finally introduces women pilot uniforms. Singapore Airlines and Air France wanted to get close, Lufthansa said no way. Ryanair opens a new chapter by re-shaping its route model. Hotels get the cabin feeling. New York wants to fire the TSA, whose queues are getting out of hand.

Episode Notes

Wifi chaos

Bourdain on plane food

A new kind of alliance

Will Air France and Singapore enter an alliance too?


JetLovers 3D

A new Ryanair era

TSA is getting worse

Crazy plane furniture

Plane-influenced hotels

Airbus VC

Lufthansa car sharing

Pilot assaulted