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039 DME - Throne seat, Wow Air Snapchat, Solar Impulse, Malaysian loses CEO, US consolidation

Episode Summary

Flight 039. King size bed seats, throne seats, configurable bench seats, new inventions in a world of reduced leg room. How consolidation in the US skies might hurt choice for the consumer. Another smart luggage, one we might actually buy. A quite epic Emirates business class experience. Wow Air will fly you to Snapchat for them. Solar Impulse crosses the Pacific Ocean. The non-story of a drone hitting a plane. The turnaround CEO of Malaysian quits after less than a year.

Episode Notes

Congrats Solar Impulse!

Virgin America

WOW Air wants you to Snapchat

US consolidation

FlyerRights responds to our 038 leg room story

Alex flies Emirates Business Class and more

TripIt half-repaints its website

Seats, seats and more seats

Another smart carry-on

David Verch tells us all about LugLoc

Amber and Eric mention us one more time!

We're on iTunes, give us a review, pretty please :-)

A new Matrix ITA guide

Drones are made out of plastic too, you know

Mueller leaves Malaysian