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038 BOS - Behind Virgin America and its death, TSA, KLM Facebook Messenger, Tesla races 737

Episode Summary

Flight 038. The story behind Virgin America’s death: why Alaska bought it, why JetBlue didn’t, why Alaska might regret it, why it made sense for the investors to sell, how JetBlue goes after Virgin’s passengers, how we all lose out, and what will happen to the brand. A bit of hope for the 747. The dire state of the TSA. The confidence behind Emirates’ new booking system. A pillow that calls itself smart. KLM is boarding the new Facebook Messenger. Warheads board an Air Serbia plane. A Tesla and a 737 race each other.

Episode Notes

The death of Virgin America

The 747 lives to see another day


KLM expands Messenger initiative

AF KLM CEO leaves for IATA

US Congreas refuses to legislate on legroom

The state of air travel

Passengers rights in the EU almost impound a plane!

Missiles on a commercial jetliner...

Yet another smart luggage

A tracker with a twist

Facepalm for the TSA

A smart… pillow??

A 737 races a Tesla