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037 LCA - Airbus Airspace, Boom, 777 saves the UK, a kinder Ryanair, Iron Maiden 747

Episode Summary

Flight 037. Who will buy Virgin America and will the brand survive? Airspace, or when Airbus brands its widebody cabins for the travelers. Ryanair decides to become nice. Is Virgin Atlantic finally mulling a long haul low cost product? As crews misbehave in flight, they might love the new A350. Boom, the startup that wants to solve supersonic travel. When the UK has a shortage of biscuits, it sends 777s to the rescue. The infamous hijacker selfie. Aces High for the Iron Maiden 747.

Episode Notes

The EgyptAir hikacking

Terror at BRU

Smart security

Pre or not Pre

The greatest review ever of Layovers

Virgin America is for sale

Virgin Australia loses Air New Zealand

Virgin Atlantic going low cosst?

The new Airbus experience

A split level A350?

The mile-high clubs

Tinder for airports?!

Ryanair switches strategy

WOW the low cost disruptor

A french long haul low cost

Qatar eyes low cost in India

Royal Brunei

The great UK panic

A new age in supersonic travel?

Pilots rank the worst airports

The Fly Dubai crash

The Germanwings crash sparks mental health debate

The Iron Maiden 747

Happy anniversaries, ANA!

The ULL race

Mapping what's below you

A new 5th freedom route in Europe?