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035 OAK - Rimowa electronic tag, gettind rid of the A340s, American fights Gogo, banning calls

Episode Summary

Flight 035. Rimowa thinks the luggage tag needs an electronic reinvention. American Airlines thinks Gogo’s wifi is way too slow. Some think calls should be banned altogether over US skies. Everybody seem to think the A340 needs to be scrapped as soon as possible. A pilot thinks anyone could land a 737 after watching his video but HAL thinks it can teach you in 10 minutes via brainwaves. We think a plan to annihilate timezones makes no sense at all.

Episode Notes

Layovers is 27th on 100 most interesting podcasts

Aegean isn't as good a status fast track as it used to be

OK Go's Reddit IAmA

With Husband in Tow's podcast

AA's app

Somalia's attack has been claimed

MAN gets mega budget to evolve

AA meets Uber

AA sues Gogo

In-flight Wifi advertising

Banning calls in the air?

Qantas' Tech Talks

TSA Pre-Check extension

Privatizing the US skies

US Airports order AirGrub for food delivery

MIA's app integreates beacons

UA introduces 3-class on domestic trunk routes

All you can eat flying

Re-inventing the luggage tag

Al Baker strikes again

Singapore Air Show

ANA goes First on A380

The A340 is ditches left and right

LH can't seem to delivery on its new strategy

A Die Hard scenario

What if a pilot dies?

Jet lag and timezones

A very quick way to learn to fly

Bombardier suffers

Lucy in the skies for a lot of money

DXB expands

Best airports to sleep, 2015