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034 MAN - Turkish and Batman, new OK Go video, China blacklists, JetBlue, fuel surcharge

Episode Summary

Flight 034. Turkish flies to Gotham City. JetBlue launches a venture arm. British Airways female flight attendants win the right to wear trousers. OK Go films a zero gravity music video. Calculating the real cost of the fuel surcharge. Terror bomber gets sucked out of plane in display of karmic justice. China blacklists unruly passengers. The 747 gently fades away.

Episode Notes

Paul reports on his Athens trip with Aegean & Alex talks about his quest for an Asia-bound ticket from London

The 2015 air travel stats

JetBlue goes VC

Expedia, Google and the future of OTAs

Startups and plane routes

Somalia terror attack

Turkish & Batman & Superman

PDX's movie theatre

Emirates goes drone for its latest marketing campaign

OK Go in zero gravity

A smartphone-controlled IFE

BA forced to enter the 21st century

Korean Air pilots bargain hard

China cracks down on unruly passengers

The 747 can't die

Omega Tau talks NASA 747

Delta's CEO retires

BA will fly to Iran

The real fuel surcharge cost

NASA revives the X-plane program

A new Russian competitor to the 737 and 320?