Layovers - Air Travel podcast

032 OSL - Air France last 747, Qatar Airways entertaining CEO, drone avoidance technology

Episode Summary

Flight 032. Air France retires its last 747. Uber might enter the travel planning game. Will commercial aircrafts ditch one pilot? The most entertaining man in the aviation industry: Qatar Airways’ CEO. An app to switch seats. A motorized carry-on that follows you around. Airbus announces strong results, and a technology for drone avoidance.

Episode Notes


Estonian Air suffers

Airbus financial results

Al Baker is the most entertaining man in aviation

United needs to come around

Etihad will finally deliver in the US

The ME3 in the US

Air France says adieu to last 747

Largest operators of aircrafts

Will commercial aircrafts be piloted by only one person?

Still no sign of the MH370

Flying with the door open?

Animals creating chaoes

2015 was really safe

Long haul low cost to/from the US

An app to sawp seats

Uber to enter the travel planning game?

That crazy concept might be more real than we thought

A carry-on that follow you every step of the way

New airport expansions set to open