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031 NCE - BA avoid France, ANA flies Star Wars, A380 maximum seats, texting Kayak

Episode Summary

Flight 031. The mystery of the British Airways flights avoiding French airspace. ANA flies the Star Wars crew from LAX to LHR. No more hover boards in planes. Kayak launches Snap, the SMS-based booking service. ATL reaches 100m passengers in 2015. How many economy seats can you cram in a 747 or an A380? Disembarking a 737 with a ladder. Don’t believe everything you read, MH132 didn’t get lost in Australia.

Episode Notes

ANA Star Wars

Happy birthday Airbus

App in the Air

Kayak Snap

McKinsey's future of travel

Facebook and the future of travel | McKinsey & Company

Post-booking price checking app

The miles addiction

Turning an airplane

ZRH gets a lots of Qatari jets

Delta CEO is person of the year

No more hover boards

BA goes reward flight on iOS

Why does British Airways avoid French airspace?

New LHR approach over continental Europe

Did Malaysian really fly in the wrong direction?

Beacons arrive at MUC

Airports hit record PAX numbers

Virgin Atlantic gets creative for its financing

Virgin America gets new Airbus planes

Mistubishi delays aircraft

CityJet orders more SuperJets

The CS100 get the greenlight

The future of Sharm el-Sheikh is uncertain

A real fake bomb freaks Air France and the rest of us

How many coach seats can you cram in a plane?

Flying without ID? It's possible in the US

De-icing equipment has a tendency to hit stuff

Ranking bad in-flight services

Skift's 2015 brand valuations

Getting out in style? Use a ladder

The US will fly to Cuba