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027 FRA - DXB beacons, Indigo, bye bye US Airways, Air France downsizing, carry-on ads

Episode Summary

Flight 027. Technologies for better passenger flows at Dubai airports. Get paid to advertise on your carry-on. A smart travel lock. Don’t post your boarding passes on Instagram. CIA advises you to keep your story simple at airports. The inevitable downsizing of Air France. The success of India’s Indigo. The grandeur of Etihad’s Residence. Russia’s new aircraft gets it first orders. The last flight of US Airways.

Episode Notes


Captains' Hat Tips

Thanks to Kendall (TXL) for stating that we were one of the best sources of industry news, to Greg (BRS) for his weekly contributions and Vicky (ATH) for her suggestions.

News of the week

The Russian airliner crash

Worrying working conditions for US Air Traffic controllers

The Future of Air France

The success of IndiGo

Russia Sukhoi finds a client

China's Comec

WHo will order the B747?

Airbus ups and downs

A new crazy seat patent

The Residence, by Etihad

News rows in the US3 v ME3 debate

The passenger technologies at Dubai airports

Advertising on your carry-on

A smart travel lock

Boaarding pass barcodes could be a security risk

CIA's advice: look cool

Google and the workplace

Cathay refreshed its livery

US Airways gets a send off