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026 BOM - Poland LOT bitcoins, LHR Terminal 6, Pegasus Instragram, Virgin America Spotify

Episode Summary

Flight 026. Two US dollars to travel around Asia. Bitcoins for the Polish airline LOT. Spotify on board at Virgin America. A new stylish entrant in the smart carry-on space. A service that finds you the best airline deals, unless you beat them. A new ranking tells which airlines treat passenger best when it comes for compensation. A farm at JFK. A mysterious Terminal 6 at LHR. The backstories of a pilot in Turkey through Instagram.

Episode Notes


Wishing well to Oscar Munoz

Alex & Paul's travels

BA and OneWorld to grow network?

Qantas to fly direct to Europe?

The future of London Heathrow

JetBlue farms potatoes at New York Kennedy

Hiroko Tabuchi's pictures of JFK TWA terminal

HKG delays third runway

Fly for 2 dollars around Asia!

LOT goes bitcoin

New websites to score flying deals

Virgin America introduces Spotify

Virgin America's A320 Inside View

Netflix in the air

Wifi on the transatlantic route

Norwegian promises low prices to cross the Atlantic

The different perception about the passenger experience

Compensation for delays

Expedia offers more plane data at booking

A new smart-carry (that we like)

Mandatory plane dashboard cams?

This PEgasus pilot has such a great Instagram account

No, the LHR Concorde didn't dissapear