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024 MRU - New wave of airplane food, Concorde to fly again, 777-9X foldable wings

Episode Summary

Flight 024. From terrible plane food to restaurants in the skies, how newer aircrafts and top tier airlines are changing the food game. Jettisoning passengers or ticket fares per pound? The new airline weight solutions. Twelve years after its last flight, a sliver of hope to see the Concorde in the skies again. Boeing gets a second life for the 717, a last flight for its first 727 and foldable wings on the 777-9X. And the IFE that calls you an idiot.

Episode Notes


Shout outs

Special thanks to Michael (FAB) who corrected us (LGW is not a BAA airport anymore) and for his contributions you'll hear throughout this episode, to Nic (LHR) for his endorsement, Mohd (KUL) for the kind words and his question, to the Flying Blue employee Paul phoned to whilst being at MRU for being so kind and efficient.

Paul would also like to thank Bernard who invited him on his Analyse Asia podcast to discuss the state of travel in Asia (show notes):

…and to Mark (LHR) whose book, Skyfaring, helped him enjoy a 12 hours flight.

News of the week

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Question of the week

by Mohd Adid on becoming a pilot in South East Asia.

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