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021 LAS - Drone disruption, UK airports sales tax scam, Facebook aircraft, Tinder for the skies

Episode Summary

Flight 021. Commercial drones raise concerns and a terrorist alert. A new app category: Tinder for the skies, but aren’t there too many air travel apps? An entire airline crew arrives totally drunk on board. Malaysia Airlines rumored new name is too stupid to be true. A sales tax scam at UK airports provokes a passenger revolt. Delta adds an unconvincing argument in the competition with Dubai. Facebook will beam wifi from the sky.

Episode Notes


News of the week

Singapore celebrates its 50th anniversary

Singapore Airlines' future

Emirates competes with Singapore, comments on Delta

Passenger chat apps

Too many air travel apps?

Be the Skyscanner CEO

More apps

Wifi in the skies

Dangerous drones

Guns at U.S. airports

The Facebook drone

SpaceShip Two

Harrison Ford's accident report


Drunken behaviors

MH rumored new name

A duty free scandal in the UK

Airport of the week