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020 DUB - Airbus hypersonic, MH370 discovery, Delta, United hacking, LHR 3rd runway

Episode Summary

Flight 020. Airbus hypes a hyper-unrealistic hypersonic plane. A potential clue to the MH370 mystery comes ashore. Hackers were in United systems for a year, but what about Sabre and American? British Airways toughens its luggage policy and to Heathrow’s third runway. Delta’s subsidy bipolar disorder. Emirates’ seat numbering disorder. The corporate jet upgrades versus the shrinking A380 seats.

Episode Notes


News of the week

Mission Impossible — Rogue Nation

First clues in the MH370 mystery?

US3 versus ME3



TAP + Azul

U.S. airlines systems hacked

Airlines ban game trophies

First class jets

Airlines mis-target customer messages

The A380

Airbus & Boeing sales numbers


Airbus future planes

Heathrow's third runway

British Airways' new luggage policy

HitList hits version 3

II. Airport of the week