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019 GIG - Greg Annandale, La Guardia is bad, living in First Class, La Compagnie, SpaceX

Episode Summary

Flight 019. La Guardia, maybe the worst airport in the U.S., gets fully rebuilt, Emirates is getting what it wanted: a new Airbus A380, a United pilot ditches live ammunition in the plane toilets, a Chinese consortium buys a 1 billion worth Spanish airport for 10,000 EUR, the life of frequent flyer expert Ben Schlappig who lives in first class all year round and our guest, Greg Annandale, tells us all about SpaceX and his experience with La Compagnie, the business-only long-haul airline.

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I. News of the week

TEDx Haneda

MH17 1 year anniversary

Airbus confirms A380neo

Could Singapore retake the longest flight crown?

** Greg Annandale on his SpaceX experience**

The U.S. "Boeing" Bank faces uncertain future

LGA to be rebuilt

The JFK TWA hotel

Reduced competition at U.S. airports

The incredible business of ticket fees

British Airways fights hidden city trick

Collusion in the U.S. skies?

United CEO dismiesses A380, first class

United pilot ditches ammo in lavatories

The summer of hell for United

Delta investing in Japan's bankcrupt SkyMark?

Delta ditches plans to buy jets after union negotiations fall apart

Air France, its model, its unions

IAG gets the OK to buy Aer Lingus

Ryanair hates prices comparison websites

Ryanair leaves Denmark over labor union woes

A 1bn airport sold for 10k

Athens airport hasn't paid VAT forever

BA inquiry: wrong engine had been fixed

777 debris fall over Shanghai

LHR won't agree to new rules for 3rd runway

Protesters blocks LHR runway

II. Innovation news of the week

Solar Impulse 2 can't go on with current batteries

Airbus electric plane crosses the Channel

Burt Rutan is not done creating amazing planes

Greg Annandale reviews 'Living in the Age of Airplanes'

A new economy seat patent makes the internet go crazy

Ben Schlappig, traveling in First Class all year round, for free

British Airways keeps First Class in 787-9

British Airways sticks with first class on its bellwether 787-9 - Runway GirlRunway Girl

SWISS impresses with 777 interior design

Greg Annandale shares his experience on La Compagnie

TheDesignAir ranks best business classes

TheDesignAir Passenger Choice's awards are open

III. Airport of the week

GIG (Rio de Janeiro)