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015 ATL - Singapore A330 engine failure, Delta new safety video, TravelersBox, Emirates mocks US

Episode Summary

Flight 015. Two engines shut down on a Singapore Airline A330. Delta releases the internetst safety video. Emirates pokes fun at the state of travel in the US but gets blocked in Amsterdam. The story of hacking a flight from a passenger seat. TravelersBox will save you from all those foreign coins. Alex flies a never-before-seen Dreamliner.

Episode Notes


I. News of the week

Another report in the US4 v ME3 saga

The best U.S. airlines

Delta likes profits and fees

Bye bye US Airways

U.S. pre-clearance expanded

Will Emirates fly to the U.S. from London?

IAG backs the Middle-Eastern carriers

Amsterdam doesn't want more Emirates flights

Malaysia Airlines fires every single employee

A Singapore Airlines A330 sees two engines shut off midflight

II. Innovation news of the week

Hacking a flight: the story so far

United offers miles bounty to squash bugs

The crazy new Delta safety video

Paul relates his Emirates experience from MXP to JFK

Improving ATC through data commands

Singapore Airlines shows its newest Premium Economy product

Emirates ad on the golden age of travel pokes fun at U.S. airlines

The video has been removed from Emirates YouTube channel

Skywards gives aways 15 million miles to celebrate anniversary

Flying Blue's photo contest

SkyPicker offers new combinations for cheap travel

III. Product of the week

IV. Airport of the week