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013 LCY - 787 bug, American iPad bug, Germany parking robot, Four Seasons plane

Episode Summary

Flight 013. A bug in the Boeing 787, a bug in the American Airlines iPad cockpit app, more lines of codes in the US skies, an app to FedEx your luggage, the end of Heathrow Terminal 1, the hope for a Malaysian Airline renewal, a parking valet robot in Germany, Four Seasons designs a plane.

Episode Notes


I. News of the week

The 787 Bug

The new FAA air traffic system

Planes grounded by an iPad app error

Happy 10th, A380

A private 747-8

U.S. airlines investing

Judge dismisses Skiplagged suit

MH downsizes, kills cargo

TAP goes on prolonged strike

The 2015 Freddie Awards

The Nepal earthquake

China v US airlines?

Qatar adds more capacity to the U.S.

II. Innovation News of the Week

The Apple Watch is released

An app to FedEx your suitcase

A new business class seat concept

A valet robot at Dusseldorf Airport

Connected Valet Robot “Lights Up” Airport Parking

Four Seasons in the air


A bigger first class for Emirates

Airubs e-fan has a factory

III. The Airport of the Week