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010 AMS - PaxEx, Virgin Galactic, aircraft Street View, US unions vs Nicole Kidman, SouthWest IFE

Episode Summary

Flight 010. What is truly PaxEx, the passenger experience. How Virgin Galactic envisions space flights. KLM transforms a plane into an AirBnB. Google Street View enters aircrafts. U.S. Unions versus Nicole Kidman. The South East Asia airline industry growing pains. The SouthWest IFE experience.

Episode Notes


I. News of the week

Virgin into space

Human errors in the cockpit

The growing pains of the South East Asia airline industry

The elusive MH370

The Germanwings disaster

Allegiants pilots union disastrous letter

The unions don't like Nicole Kidman

A foamy salute to Virgin Atlantic

A shout out to Pieter Johnson and his Aviation Xtended

II. Innovation news of the week

KLM transforms a plane into an AirBnB

The sharing economy and travel

Austrian becomes myAustrian in new livery

British Airways' frequent flyer system hacked

Priceline buys Rocketmiles

Selling airline miles for bitcoins

Alex tests SouthWest IFE

Cathay looks into coffee

Google Street View goes into aircrafts

How to take a good picture through an airplane window

III. App of the week


IV. Topic of the week

What does PaxEx truly mean? Looking at the entire scope of the passenger experience.

V. Question of the week

What are your top 3 airline websites?



We also mention:

VI. Airport of the week


From the rooftop to the unique terminal concept, a look into what makes Schiphol stand out.