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009 PHX - Dan Hamilton, secrets of SFO ATC, Germanwings disaster, Uber for lost luggage

Episode Summary

Flight 009. The secrets of SFO Air Traffic Control with Dan Hamilton. The Germanwings disaster and its implication for the industry. Uber for lost luggage. A remote controlled airport. Lufthansa flies entrepreneurs in India.

Episode Notes


I. News of the week
The Germanwings crash

Ryanair refutes transatlantic plans

New fronts in the US vs Gulf airlines debate

Air India recruitment problem

Man jumps off plane in Mumbai

II. Innovation News of the Week

A remote controlled airport tower

Uber allies with Bluesmart for lost luggage recovery

More airlines launch Apple Watch apps

A cabin to simulate aircrft sound pollution

Lufthansa flies entrepreneurs in India

III. App of the Week

Google Flights

IV. Topic of the week

The secrets of SFO tower with Dan Hamilton, Air Traffic Controller at San Francisco Airport

VI. Airport of the week


Beyond the brutalist experience, what is there to know about Phoenix Sky Harbor: from the disappearing Terminal 1 to the highest airport train track in the world.